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How do blower door tests and energy audits work for commercial buildings?


Blower Door

For many businesses, the amount of overhead cost can be the reason that you succeed or fail. Energy costs are a large part of this overhead, particularly if you own large commercial buildings. An inefficient building is not only expensive to heat, light and cool, but it is also worth less when it is resold or leased. Energy audits and blower door tests are a great way to find places where you can save energy costs and seal cracks that release heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, adding to your bills.

Blower Door Tests

A blower door test is used to determine how airtight your building is. The more airtight, the more efficient your heating and cooling systems will be. The test works by placing a machine with a fan into a doorway and allowing it to suck all of the air out of your home. A calibrated blower will be able to give you an idea of how airtight your building is. This gives you an idea of the extent and location of all of the places that are not airtight.

Energy Audits

There are many different ways to lower your energy bills. An energy audit is an inspection that will help you to prioritize the most efficient way to make changes to your energy system. It helps you to find the things that are most responsible for your energy bills and offers solutions prioritized by the cost to change and the amount saved. In many cases, the changes you make can be large enough to pay for themselves in one or two years. This can be small things like changing your light bulbs to LED, or large things like adding radiant floor heat.

Who Should Schedule Blower Door Tests and Energy Audits?

Audits and blower door tests are excellent things to do almost any time. They are especially helpful right before you renovate, when you purchase a new building or if you find that your energy costs are unreasonably high. These tests can be done any time of year, and they are not only helpful in commercial buildings but residential homes as well.

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