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Recommended Insulation Levels for Warm Climates

The_beach_at_North_Seymour_Island_in_the_GalapagosInsulating your home or property doesn’t just regulate its temperature – it makes it more energy efficient, ensuring that you consume fewer resources and resulting in lower utility bills. In an era of rising energy costs, it is a smart move that can save you quite a lot of money over time. However, if you live in a warmer area, it can be difficult to figure out what sort of insulation level you need. Warmer climates can be arid (dry) or humid, and both have different recommended insulation levels.


R-values for insulation are determined based on the thickness of the insulation material and how it handles the flow of heat. The higher an R-value is, the better the insulation will be at handling heat flow. In warmer areas of the United States, this can be essential for ensuring that your home or property stays dry and comfortable.

Warm, Dry Climates

Warm, dry areas regions like southern California, the western regions of Washington State and Oregon, parts of Arizona and the southern areas of New Mexico are classified as Zone 3. These areas have a floor insulation recommendation of R13-R25, R30-R60 for uninsulated attics and R25-R38 for attics with existing insulation.

Warm, Humid Climates

If you live in Florida or the Gulf coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Texas, you are in a Zone 1 or 2 region, which has different recommendations for insulation levels. Homes or properties in Zone 1 would have a floor insulation level of R13, R30-R49 for uninsulated attics and R25-R30 for attics with three to four inches of existing insulation.

In Zone 2, the largest part of which covers southern Texas, there is a recommended floor insulation level of R13-19, as well as R30-R60 for uninsulated attics and R25-R38 for attics that have three to four inches of insulation.

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