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Which is the best insulation for the environment?

Batt-InsulationWhether you view ‘green’ as a sustainable resource, saving the environment, or healthier for our bodies, you have quite a few options for green insulation. There are four effective materials used for insulation today that are more environmentally friendly.

Sheep’s Wool

Common sense tells us that sheep’s wool is a natural insulator for them in the harsh farmlands of the north. So scientists discover a way to harvest the wool and turn it into home-friendly insulation. When you compact the wool, there are little air pockets that keep the cold air from getting in and the warm air from getting out. The R value is about R-13 for a 24 inch thickness Batt. This type of insulation material is extremely environment friendly since it is all natural.

Comfortable Cotton

With almost the exact R value as fiberglass, cotton insulation creates an efficient barrier between the hot and cold in your home. Cotton also repels bugs, keeping them out of your home. In addition, cotton is a natural plant that does not contain formaldehyde like fiberglass. The only issue with the cotton insulation is the high cost. Cotton can either be blown-in or you can buy it in Batt form and secure it between your studs.


This unique material, aerogel, is made by taking all the liquid out of silica. It has an extremely high R value but is extremely expensive. It is much easier to install than traditional fiberglass insulation. You can buy it in sheets that can either be nailed to the studs or there is a type that comes as a peel-and-stick application as well. This radiant barrier is good for the environment because it saves a significant amount of energy from lost in your space.

Rigid Polystyrene

Rigid Polystyrene, although a plastic, is considered good for the environment because of its super high R value. This insulation saves the most in energy usage. The R value of an inch thick piece is R-3.8 to R-4.4. This comes in the form of spray foam and another environmental plus is that it is a recyclable product.

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