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How to Keep Heat Out of a House in a Hot Desert

The spray foam installers at USI Preston Insulation recently worked on a new construction single family residential home in Dragoon, Arizona. On average, there are 284 sunny days per year in this part of the country and high temps in July are around 95 degrees. The homeowner wanted their home to have a tightly sealed […]

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ACHnat and Air Flow: The Secret to Saving Money in a New Home

Architects often consider the aesthetic flow of a home when they design, but the structure and ACHnat also affect the flow of heat and air. Smart choices with building envelope design can lead to lower energy bills, a more comfortable home and improved air quality. The design of a comfortable home has long depended on […]

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House Ventilation Problems – How Many Air Leaks Does Your House Have?

If you’re paying high heating and cooling costs, chances are you have air escaping the building envelope of your home. While insulation and R values are extremely important for the energy performance and comfortability of your home, conditioned air leaving the home is just as important. This is a problem for many reasons. First, you […]

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