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What Is Cultural Sustainability?

40110971 - conceptual peace and cultural diversity symbol of multiracial hands making a circle together around the world the earth globe on blue sky backgroundCultural sustainability basically boils down to one question: Will a certain culture be around in the future? With changes in the environment happening as a result of people not being eco-friendly, this is a question that experts have started to ask themselves. If people don’t change the way they live or do more to be energy efficient, the world as we know it may not exist in the future. Our current culture simply doesn’t support sustainability. One simple way that humans can become more sustainable and lower their carbon footprint is to use better insulation with “green” or eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable Development

The culture that most people live can be viewed as the fundamental problem hurting sustainable development. This is the process of meeting the development goals of a country while still being able to sustain the ecosystem that society depends on. While companies develop Earth-friendly ways to create power, such as wind turbines, it is still up to people as a whole to change their culture by adapting how they use that energy. Making a home more energy efficient by upgrading insulation is often considered the first step.

Green Insulation

The path toward cultural sustainability has to start with making homes more energy efficient. The HVAC system of a home uses the vast majority of its energy. By using better insulation, homeowners can ensure that the energy consumed by the HVAC system to warm or cool their residence isn’t immediately lost. Some examples of “green” insulation include

  • Sheep’s wool
  • Cotton
  • Aerogel
  • Rigid polystyrene
  • Spray foam

Spray foam is one of the best choices when it comes to green insulation because no other insulation has the ability to seal a home like spray foam. There are many types of spray foam insulation, but most of them are considered green.

Cultural sustainability has to start with changing the way people live their lives. This change needs to start by taking active steps in reducing their carbon footprint. If humans can reduce the amount of energy they consume on a yearly basis, they are taking active steps in protecting the world from climate change and are creating a more sustainable culture.

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