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4 Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills

WaterHeaterYour utility bill may be a nonnegotiable monthly expense, but you can reduce your monthly expenditure with a few cost savings tips. An efficient home and conscientious energy usage can go a long way in reducing what you spend. These four suggestions include some of the best ways to cut your utility bills.

Add Insulation

You could be spending a fortune on heating your home in the winter, but a lot of the energy you generate might be leaving due to inadequate insulation. Insulation can take on a variety of forms, each of which might be effective. Adding insulation to the attic can preventing rising heat from escaping your home. You can also add insulation in your walls, floors, crawlspace and basement. To learn more about the places to insulate your home, view this interactive guide.

Paint Your Roof White

Homes in particularly hot climates can be incredibly expensive to cool, but the color of the roof may make a big difference. Some studies show that homes with white roofs cost 40 percent less to cool than identical homes with black roofs. Thankfully, you don’t have to replace your roof entirely to take advantage of these findings. A dark roof can easily be painted with a white, waterproof elastomeric coating.

Lower Your Water Heater’s Temperature

Many water heaters are set to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but for energy efficiency it makes sense to lower that. Water heaters set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit still offer the hot water necessary to shower, do laundry or run the dishwasher, but it can potentially save you hundreds of dollars over the course of an entire year.

Replace Old Windows

Older windows might look fine, but they could be contributing to the escape of heated or cooled air in the home. Caulking around windows might reduce draftiness, as well as energy retention, but installing new windows with a better insulating factor is often the right move. Double or triple pane windows tend to offer the best insulation, helping to cut utility bills in both summer and winter.

Professional Help

For more information about insulation or windows, contact USI online to get a free quote. USI believes that excellence in every step of the process and ensures timely completion and quality of service, time after time.


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