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How does knowledge of local codes make a difference?

How does knowledge of local codes make a difference?If you are building a new home, renovating or having and addition added to an existing home, you might be hearing a lot about local codes right now. Your local building codes might include items like how many electrical plugs you can have along a wall in your home or dictate the placement of your windows. All of these codes are essential to getting a structurally sound home built. As your building project progresses, an inspector will come to your home at certain points to ensure that the codes are being followed. In many cases, work on your home cannot continue until the building inspector has signed off. Here are some other ways that local codes make a difference.

No Fines Or Penalties

If your contractor or home builder does not have a firm grasp of building codes, it is possible that a building inspector could levy a fine or penalty against you or the contractor. In many cases, the violation would have to be extensive and negligent. In some cases, the county or city could put a lien against your home until the fine is paid and the building violations are corrected. Some building codes might seem very minor and are easy to miss. This makes a firm understanding of local building codes essential for the professional working on your home.

No Lost Building Time

If your contractor does not know the local building codes or misses an important step in the process, it is possible an inspector could halt progress on your renovation or new home build. It might be that work has to be redone or additional items added before the work can be signed off on and building to move forward again. If you are building a new home, these delays could be costly while you make arrangements for a place to live for the additional time or face penalties on a construction loan.

Dangerous Living Conditions

Building codes are not put in place just to aggravate you and your contractor. These codes are written to keep you and your family safe. If your home builder violated building codes and the inspector missed it, you could find your home an unsafe place to live. It might be something small like not enough installation to a home that does not have a solid frame. Or in extreme cases, your home might be a fire hazard with wiring that is faulty throughout the home.

Finding the Right Company

Finding a contractor with extensive knowledge of the local building codes is essential in order to keep your family safe. To get a free quote from a knowledgeable company that knows the local codes, contact USI online for a free quote. USI believes that excellence in every step of the process ensures timely completion and quality service, time after time.


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