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Is Old Insulation Recyclable or Reusable?

Is Old Insulation Recyclable or Reusable?Have you ever wondered if you can recycle or reuse old insulation? When you have your insulation replaced, this might be a question that crosses your mind. While some types of insulation types are made from recyclable materials, they are sometimes hard to recycle after use and most are not reusable. Read on to learn more.

Green Insulation

There are many types of insulation to choose from nowadays and often time it is made up of “green” and recycled materials. One of the most well-known recycling effort in the insulation industry is the recycling of old newspapers into cellulose insulation. And there is fiberglass batt, which consists of sand, ash, boron, recycled glass and acrylic polymers. While many types are made up of recycled materials, some types are challenging to actually recycle after they have been used.

Handle With Caution

When a professional installs new insulation, you may think that getting rid of the old insulation is as easy as throwing it in the trash. But, in truth, old insulation is very problematic because it may contain a hazardous substance, such as asbestos. This means that it has to be handled properly. Asbestos must be carefully removed with full protection suits. It is usually safe behind closed walls, but to get new insulation, professional contractors must have expertise in this area. The main issue with asbestos is that it easily turns into a carcinogen, which is a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue. All old insulation does not necessarily contain asbestos, but this is one reason that it cannot be reused.

Dirty Insulation

You may not see them, but the walls of your property are full of tiny cracks. Over time, these microscopic holes collect dust, and this gets embedded in your insulation. On top of that, moisture and microorganisms can build up due to a pinhole leak in a pipe and also cause the old insulation to collect unsavory elements. So in addition to insulation possibly having hazardous substance, it may also be extremely dirty.

Professional Assistance

While insulation is often times made from recycled materials, it can be a challenge to recycle after it has been used. And it is definitely not something you want to reuse or repurpose because of the dirt or potential hazardous substances that may be on the insulation.

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