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Which Types of Insulation Help Reduce Noise?

MusicIt is a common misbelief that all insulation helps reduce noise. However, the truth is that there are some insulation materials that are simply made to reflect heat and do very little to reduce noise transference. An example of this is radiant barrier insulation, which comes with a reflective side that makes heat from the Sun’s rays bounce off it. While it keeps a home cool, it’s not going to offer any noise reduction. So what kind of insulation does?

Spray Foam

Spray foam is known as one of the best types of insulation to install to reduce noise. One reason why spray foam is considered the best in noise reduction is because it not only blocks out unwanted noise but keeps in good noise. When watching a movie, for instance, you want the sounds to be kept within that room. Spray foam will do that while blocking out noise from outside or other rooms. Unlike standard fiberglass insulation, spray foam expands completely into every crevice of the interior of a wall, blocking out all unwanted sounds.

Different Types of Sound

When choosing the right insulation to block noise, it’s important to remember that there are different types of noise. This includes airborne noise, which can come from inside or outside. If it’s inside, it may be music, a television or loud talking. If it comes from outside, it could be construction work or traffic. Then there is impact noise, which comes from vibrations such as footsteps or large appliances. Fiberglass often works best when reducing impact noise, while spray foam works better when dealing with airborne noise.

Call A Professional

Having insulation installed properly and using the right type of insulation is the key to reducing noise. However, it’s also important for homeowners to remember that not all noise can be blocked by insulation. Also, outside noises often enter the house via a home’s windows. Insulation won’t help block out sound that enters the house in this manner. However, homeowners can invest in sound-blocking windows to finish the jump.

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