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Combustion Safety Tips for Commercial and Residential Owners

Commercial and residential property owners who rely on gas-burning appliances or boilers should always pay attention to combustion safety tips year-round. Regular inspection and maintenance, as well as proper use of combustion-related installations, can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Below are three tips for keeping your commercial properties and residential areas safe:

1. Passing inspection does not guarantee safety

Property owners often rely on requisite industry or home inspections for peace of mind, but in some cases formal inspection requirements are minimal. Boilers and other appliances can malfunction immediately following an inspection. Cautious business owners need to ensure that their installations remain functioning well above the minimum state requirements, which will mitigate risk and enhance performance.

Property owners can partner with experienced professionals when installing appliances, and should continue to promote safety by following the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommended best practices.

2. Grandfathered equipment is a risk

In many cases, inspection requirements are determined by the year of installation, yet the code doesn’t backdate to cover grandfathered equipment. This means that older boilers and gas-burning appliances do not have to pass the same rigorous standards as their modern equivalents.

With the added impact of extended wear and tear, grandfathered equipment often presents a higher risk than modern solutions, especially when older pieces, such as water heaters, are coupled with newer boilers. By working with licensed installers and repair professionals, property owners can ensure their old equipment will meet current requirements.

3. Knowledge increases safety

Homeowners should know which appliances are vulnerable to combustion so they can guarantee proper maintenance at all times. Some appliances that needed to be maintained include:

· Furnaces
· Vented fireplaces
· Boilers
· Water heaters
· Indoor gas ranges

Businesses should ensure that their maintenance personnel is properly trained to deal with each of the appliances on the premises. Training should be ongoing and should address procedures for proper upkeep, identification of risks, and minor repairs.

By working with professional installers and staying informed and alert about risks, property owners can help keep their staff, tenants, and the surrounding areas safe.

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