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Home Improvement Projects to Keep You Sane This Winter

Winter can be a tedious time of year. Cold temperatures, shorter days, and frequent rain prompt more people to spend additional time at home. Fortunately, this is the perfect season for indoor projects. Home improvement tasks will not just keep you from going stir crazy; your house will become more attractive, comfortable, and energy efficient. During the winter, it makes sense to focus on projects that will help you stay warm.


Think about installing a new fireplace in your bedroom or parlor. It will produce heat and give you a rustic alternative to watching TV. Traditional fireplaces provide the most realistic experience and allow you to grow or harvest fuel. On the other hand, natural gas models are cleaner, safer, and easier to use.


Consider adding insulation to your home’s crawlspace, attic, or walls. Living spaces will be more comfortable throughout the year. You may cut cooling and heating costs by as much as 30% when you fully insulate an attic. To save even more money and prevent pest invasions, seal cracks with caulk or spray foam.

Garage Door

If your garage door is falling apart, replace it with a new insulated unit. Steel doors with insulation offer the best protection from cold winter air and summer heat. Insulated doors can make the entire house more comfortable if they are attached to the garage. Consider buying a door with galvanized springs and hinges; this metal lasts longer in climates with more moisture and humidity.


If you have plenty of extra time in the winter, think about remodeling your bathroom. A glass shower door can prevent water leakage and improve the room’s appearance. Another advantage is that you will not have to keep buying and replacing shower curtains. To make your bathroom more pleasant during the coldest months, install a heat lamp or towel warmer.

New Blinds

For an easier project, order a set of custom window treatments. They can enhance your home decor, boost privacy, and give you more control over the amount of sunlight that enters each room. Blinds will also help you prevent cold air from passing through the windows. You can purchase them in sizes and colors to suit just about any room.

Every successful home improvement project requires quality materials. To start your winter project Contact USI online to find a branch near you. USI believes in excellence in every step of the process and ensures timely completion and quality of service, time after time.