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USI Leadership Development Program

About our Leadership Development Program

As a trusted partner to builders of all sizes, USI is successful because we combine local knowledge and expertise with the power of nationwide scale. Our Leadership Development Program is designed to attract talented, high potential future leaders and provide them an opportunity for personal and professional development through completion of an 18-24 month program with assignments across multiple functional areas of our business.

What we are looking for in the ideal candidate for the program will possess the following qualifications:

  • Recent college graduate, preferably with a business or construction engineering degree.
  • Current employee in good standing and considered to have high potential for leadership position
  • Desire to learn in a dynamic environment; interest in developing leadership skills that will be required for a successful career upon program completion
  • A passion for ongoing improvement, both personally and professionally
  • Desire to work across different cultures while being flexible and embracing change
  • The ability to speak fluent Spanish strongly preferred
  • Willingness to temporarily relocate based on business need over the course of the program, and permanently after successful completion of the program
  • Proven leadership experience, and the ability to inspire and influence others to achieve goals
  • Outstanding team player and self-starter with a passion for client service, developing business relationships and solving complex business issues
  • Ability to solve complex problems and drive new ideas with strong analytical and problem-solving skills

You will be provided an Executive Mentor. The Executive Mentor relationship is intended to be a partnership and a resource for the branch trainee. The expectation of the mentorship is to have a phone or face to face meeting (if feasible) at least once every 4-6 weeks. This meeting should be a check in on the rotation and a discussion of the experience the branch trainee has gained, what opportunities or challenges they have faced and what support they may need to continue in the program.

What you will get out of the USI Leadership Development Program

  • Verbalize the value that USI brings to the markets they serve
  • Embody the attributes of a safety leader
  • Demonstrate understanding of how the functions work together to ensure the success USI
  • Demonstrate strong judgement, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal communication and listening skills
  • Demonstrate responsiveness and urgency in addressing issues
  • Establish goals and action plans to achieve business goals
  • Adapt quickly to changing priorities
  • Demonstrate humility and respect for others
  • Actively pursue personal growth and improvement through seeking feedback from others

There will be check-ins with the executive committee throughout the duration of the program, culminating in a final program presentation given by the branch trainee to the executive team, executive mentor and branch manager.

USI Leadership Development Support

The branch trainee will be assigned an Executive Mentor for the duration of the time in the program. The purpose of this relationship is to give them regular access to a member of the leadership team who will help guide them through any questions they may have during the duration of the program. At the start of the program, the branch trainee will meet with their mentor and USI’s VP of Human Resources to plan their journey, set objectives and review expectations for each rotation.

Each rotation has an assigned rotation manager, to serve as the day-to-day contact, direct the work and provide guidance and expertise regarding that segment of the business. Coaching and development will be provided on an ongoing basis, and based on specific results. After each rotation, the branch trainee will meet with an executive committee that consists of: current Rotation Manager, CEO, CFO, VP of Human Resources, and the Executive Mentor to review performance.

What’s in it for me?

  • Paid position
  • Professional Development
  • Travel across the United States
  • A network of leaders and colleagues

For more information about the program of if you are interested in applying please contact:

Kathryn Spackman
Recruiting Specialist
[email protected]