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New Trends In Heating & Cooling Equipment

air-conditioning-unitsRecent, emerging trends in heating, ventilation and air conditioning units (HVAC) are starting to receive a lot of attention. Newer homes that are constructed have been designed smarter, more environmentally friendly and have devices installed that communicate with one another.

New HVAC units have been engineered to improve home comfort, be efficient and reduce energy use at the same time. Many people have come to appreciate these advancements and are testing different ways on how to save money and live in a better-regulated climate without having to set the thermostat constantly.

Smart thermostats are a big part of the Internet of Things home revolution. As more homeowners and building professionals come to understand the value of a smart thermostat, the market is expected to soar in the U.S. and Europe.

A smart thermostat is more than a programmable thermostat.

What makes smart thermostats so unique – smart– is that they learn and adjust the temperature based on the owners’ habits and the characteristics of the house. Not only will the devices come to know when the temperature should be raised or decreased, but they also learn how long the house takes to heat up or cool down. This means they can begin to adjust the temperature in just the right amount of time so homeowners can feel the change when they should – not 15 minutes later.

Growth of Mini Split Heat Pumps

Popular in Europe and Asian homes for decades, ductless mini split heat pumps are poised to have a larger impact in the U.S. market. Once seen as a solution home additions and bonus rooms, now mini splits are available in whole-home solutions with outdoor systems that can handle up to 8 indoor units. An array of indoor air handler options, such as ceiling cassettes and wall-mounted units that are disguised as a picture frame, give homeowners and contractors flexibility. New technology addresses some of the shortcomings of heat pumps, such as a loss of heating capacity in sub-freezing weather. Now units on the market offer high levels of heating capacity in temperatures as low as 5 below zero Fahrenheit.

Ductless systems are not only being installed in room additions; mini splits are being utilized as the primary source of heating and cooling in both residential and commercial applications.

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Article Source: Proud Green Home