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Learn about the different types of HVAC systems

220px-Rooftop_Packaged_UnitsThe right HVAC system can not only provide homeowners with the desired degree of comfort, but it can also improve long-term savings on heating and cooling. There are many different types of HVAC systems available for purchase, and learning more about the options can allow homeowners to plan ahead.

Split Systems

Split systems are combination configurations that have an indoor handling unit and an outdoor condensing unit. The indoor system contains a fan and an air-to-refrigerant cooling coil, while the outdoor system contains the compressor and condenser coil. These systems are common in smaller residential and commercial locations, and they are among the most energy-efficient options available. These systems are typically configured primarily for cooling, though it is possible for additional ductwork and installations to allow homeowners to enjoy heating as well. More complicated options can provide users with humidity control as well.

Zoned Systems

Zoned HVAC systems are among the more complicated configurations available. These systems are designed to cool and heat individual rooms and sectors of the home through a series of controlled zone valves or dampers within the central ductwork. This allows users to block the flow of air as necessary to create a heating or cooling effect in the room of their choice. These systems are particularly efficient for larger homes and facilities, as they allow users to change their environment according to how often they spend time in the room. Many are also programmable based on temperature and humidity settings at different times.

Window Systems

Small and designed to cool one room at a time, these systems are some of the most affordable available. They operate according to a small area, and they are usually installed in a section of the wall or an available window. Because of their focus, they are often chosen for single-room applications, ideal for those who primarily use one room in the house. Though they are designed primarily for cooling, some systems can provide homeowners with a heating option as well, and a damper installation can provide users with fresh outdoor air through a fan.

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