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What Is the Benefit of Replacing an Air Filter?

220px-Rooftop_Packaged_UnitsIn order to properly care for your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit, or HVAC system, you should replace your air filter every couple of months. And during the winter or summer, when it gets used more frequently it should be replaced even more frequently. Here are some of the other benefits of replacing your air filter.

Extends the Life of Your HVAC System

One of the biggest reasons to keep your filter clean is to extend the life of your HVAC unit. As the system becomes clogged, it is harder for your cooling and heating system to pull in air. This of course makes the system work harder, which drives up your energy bill. Overworking your system like this year after year damages it and eventually shortens its life span. Eventually, in addition to spending extra money on high energy bills, you will also be spending money to get your system repaired or replaced.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Your air filter’s goal is to remove harmful particles from the air that you breath. This includes everything from pollen to dust. The amount of particles that are removed from the air are directly related to the quality of the air filter that you use. At the end of the month, when you check your air filter, and you will visually see the buildup of dust that you would have been breathing had it not been for the filter.

Saves Energy

As mentioned above, changing your air filter regularly will noticeably lower your energy costs. In general, homeowners can save up to 15 percent on their utility bills by simply changing their air filter on a regular basis. This is not only good for your wallet, but is also good for the environment as it lowers your carbon footprint.

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