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How to improve the air quality in your home

Blown-In-InsulationIndoor air quality plays a vital role in determining indoor comfort. When homeowners take care of their indoor air, they are improving their overall quality of health. It can be simple to take care of your indoor air quality, just by following a few of these tips.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Moisture breeds both dust mites and mold. Maintaining humidity levels at around 30-50 percent will provide a household with reduced risks for diseases related to these allergens. Dehumidifiers and air conditioning units pull moisture out of the air indoors. Using these systems will also lower pollen particles. To successfully keep moisture levels low, remember to make use of exhaust fans or open windows in the kitchen when cooking meals or washing dishes, in sink or the dishwasher. Also, turn on the bathroom’s fan during baths or showers. Take care of pipes so that leaks don’t add humidity. Avoid watering plants excessively.

Keep an Eye on Contaminant Sources

Many devices or systems that contain asbestos can be separated from the rest of the environment to reduce any risk of exposure. Enclosures can be built or customized to seal away the source of reduced indoor air quality. Gas stoves as well as other machines can also usually be adjusted in their standard settings to reduce emissions or other risks. The downside to simply increasing the amount of ventilation is that energy costs over time can be excessively high. In contrast, source control can effectively improve the quality of the air indoors at a greatly reduced monetary cost to the user.

Maintain Indoor Insulation

Be sure to frequently change your HVAC system’s air filters. When the air filter begins to clog up with dirt and grime, it becomes difficult for clean air to circulate within your property. The HVAC unit is central to keeping your indoor air clean, and an optimized system can provide users with an even greater degree of cleanliness. Change the air filter roughly once every few months, and make sure that you contact a professional to maintain the system at least once a year. An HVAC specialist can also help inform you of correct practices for a better functioning system.

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