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USI National Spray Foam Technician Trainer Completes Graco Reactor 2 Training

Matthew Frauenhofer testing out new Graco spray technology

Matthew Frauenhofer testing out new Graco spray technology

Matthew Frauenhofer, USI National Spray Foam Technician Trainer, completed the Graco Reactor 2 Training this week. Led by Darrick Grewe, the training took place at Graco’s facility in Minneapolis, MN. Graco supplies USI branches across the country with our Reactors, spray guns, hoses, O-rings, and replacement parts, as well as our airless sprayers for ignition barrier and radiant barrier.


Frauenhofer studying the Reactor E-XP2 Elite equipment by Graco

The course included all aspects of Reactor 2, Graco InSite and E10hp. Both sales and service professionals were invited to attend this training event. Since Frauenhofer is responsible for training and service for USI nationally, he can take this training and start implementing it immediately in the field.

Frauenhofer has the prerequisite knowledge of Reactor 2 Plural-Component Proportioners R2, InSite for Reactor, and Reactor E-10 HP. The Reactor 2 Product Training covered the following:

  • Reactor 2 and Graco InSite – what is new
  • The different accessories available
  • Training on the Advanced Display Module (ADM)
  • Viewing and reading the different data download files
  • Troubleshooting with the QR codes
  • Updated information on the Reactor 2 Integrated
  • InSite installation on the Reactor classic
  • E10hp presentation, layout and spray
  • Reactor 2 Integrated presentation, hands on maintenance of the secondary coolant loop and spray
  • Set up and spray with the Reactor 2

Demonstration by Graco trainer Darrick Grewe

This type of continuous training helps USI provide high quality, current spray foam installer training on the various products, equipment and technology we use, while upholding our stringent safety standards and those of our suppliers. Frauenhofer completed a validation exercise and level 3 demonstration evaluation at the conclusion of the course today.